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CBD hash wholesale for demanding resellers

Designed to meet demanding resellers and brands, we have a wholesale CBD hash offering to meet all needs.

Hashish filtered 3 times, charas CBD or even Manali Cream, all our CBD hash bricks are available for wholesale purchase or already packaged for retail sale.

Our diverse catalog, constantly enriched, offers a wide range of CBD hashes to meet all needs, with continuous innovation.

Wholesale CBD Hash Ready for Retail

We aspire to provide personal and professional service to each of our valued customers to elevate your CBD offering. Opting for our CBD hash at wholesale prices but already packaged for retail sale has undeniable practical and economic advantages.

This option offers increased convenience, eliminating the need for additional packaging and saving time and energy.

In addition to great pricing, this ensures consistency in product appearance and presentation, boosting your brand recognition.

At PollenShark, we are committed to providing you with quality products with exceptional service. Whether for our CBD flowers, our CBD pollen and obviously our CBD hash.

Wholesale CBD Hash: Is it Legal?

At Pollen Shark, each wholesale purchase of CBD products is systematically accompanied by a certificate of analysis issued by an independent third-party laboratory.

Each product is rigorously tested to ensure it contains less than 1% THC.


You can therefore carry out your transactions with complete confidence, knowing that each CBD hash is subjected to rigorous testing and certified by independent specialists

Why choosing PollenShark as your CBD hash wholesaler ?

We offer you one of the best quality/price ratios on the market without ever compromising quality for your customers. Our CBD hash for wholesale incorporate Swiss craftsmanship and expertise.

At PollenShark, we view CBD hash creation as an art form, investing daily in constantly improving the process and our creations.

Each CBD hash bricks represent the fruit of painstaking work, merging CBD cultivation with the precision of extraction.

By choosing Pollen Shark, you opt for the power of continuous production. Our exceptional capacity guarantees an uninterrupted supply of Swiss CBD hash, meeting the growing demand of your customers.

CBD hash bricks : How are they made?

As a manufacturer, we guarantee full transparency on the origin, the manufacturing process (clean and sophisticated methods) and our raw materials.

Just like our wholesale CBD pollen, our hash bricks are the result of careful extraction from Indoor CBD flowers grown in Switzerland. After harvest, the resin is meticulously pressed, weighed and packaged into strips.

Thanks to our Swiss artisanal methods, each batch is shaped with exceptional precision, offering the best CBD hash wafers available on the market.

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