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Our wholesale CBD pollen, perfectly packaged for retail, merge artisanal art and Swiss expertise, providing a unique experience for your customers.

Immerse yourself in unrivaled Swiss quality at the wholesale price of 100 gr!

Pollen from CBD Switzerland: when craftsmanship meets expertise 

At the heart of our CBD pollen lies the very essence of Swiss know-how.
Each CBD pollen is the result of a careful artisanal process, where the art of CBD cultivation meets the precision of extraction.

Our commitment to quality is more than a standard, it is a passion.

From a careful extraction from Indoor CBD flowers in Switzerland, our CBD pollen is carefully compressed, guaranteeing 100% purity.

Our Swiss artisan methods sculpt each batch with exceptional precision, giving you the best CBD pollen on the market.

Wholesale CBD Pollen Ready for Retail

Choosing wholesale CBD pollen already packaged for retail has a multitude of practical and cost-effective benefits:

  • This option provides increased convenience, eliminating the need for additional packaging, saving time and energy.
  • By opting for prepared packaging in bulk, you benefit from advantageous pricing, maximizing your profitability while providing a shelf-ready option.

This not only simplifies the sales process, but also ensures consistency in the appearance and presentation of the product, thereby increasing your brand recognition.

Each product is rigorously tested to ensure it contains less than 1% THC.


CBD pollen wholesale ready for retail : simple and cost-effective !

In summary, choosing wholesale CBD pollen already packaged for retail sale is a practical and cost-effective solution that combines ease, cost-effectiveness, and a uniform quality presentation.

You also have the option of selecting our CBD hashes in bulk, or CBD hash ready for retail sale!

Wholesale CBD pollen at the best price

Benefit from exclusive wholesale prices from 100 g, making quality CBD accessible to everyone.

Immerse yourself in a no-compromise experience, where every gram is an investment in your customer satisfaction and the financial success of your business.

PollenShark : The Swiss quality at the best price

At Pollen Shark, we recognize the importance of making quality CBD accessible.

This is how we provide exceptional wholesale prices from 100g, offering our business partners a unique opportunity to optimize their costs while providing their customers with a premium CBD experience.

Our commitment to competitive prices in no way compromises the quality of our CBD pollen. Every gram is the result of a meticulous production process, merging traditional Swiss know-how with modern standards of excellence.

This combination allows us to present the quintessence of CBD to you, while respecting the budgetary constraints of your business.

Reliable CBD Pollen wholesaler: PollenShark

By choosing Pollen Shark, you choose the power of continuous production.

Our exceptional capacity guarantees an uninterrupted supply of Swiss CBD pollen, allowing you to meet the growing demand of your customers.

Trust us for unmatched reliability, supporting the continued growth of your business, contact us at +41 79 294 61 91 or at, our team is available to help you succeed!