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Discover the exceptional power and quality of our Swiss CBD flowers, available in bulk and at the best price at PollenShark. The trusted partner as a wholesaler of Swiss CBD in France.

Swiss CBD flowers for wholesale

Passionate from the start, we are experts in the production of CBD flowers and resins.

Recognized for our dedication and know-how, we have become leaders as a Swiss CBD wholesaler, offering high quality products for CBD resellers and brands looking to buy Swiss CBD flowers at the best value price quality.


Buying CBD in bulk: why trust PollenShark ?

Swiss Excellence and Expertise

PollenShark stands out as a CBD resin wholesaler in Switzerland thanks to its commitment to excellence.

Our CBD flowers are produced with precision and craftsmanship, creating a superior quality product that you can confidently offer to your customers.

PollenShark: wholesaler and producer of CBD

As a wholesaler and producer, we have total control over the quality of our products, their origins, and their prices. We pride ourselves on our large production capacity, ensuring constant availability for our customers of quality products at affordable prices.

Personalized Purchasing Options

Whether you prefer to buy in bulk for industrial use or already packaged for retail, PollenShark gives you the flexibility you need.

CBD flowers are available in Greenhouse and Outdoor varieties, presenting a refined aesthetic thanks to precise and expert cutting work.

Additionally, as specialists in bulk CBD hash bricks and CBD pollen in bulk, we are expanding our offering to meet all of our customers' demands.

Is purchasing from a Swiss CBD wholesaler legal?

Legal and Certified Swiss CBD Flowers

Our CBD flowers are grown in Switzerland legally and in accordance with the strictest standards. We respected French legislation and our CBD flowers do not exceed 0.3% THC.

We don't expect to be taken at our word, which is why each batch comes with a certificate of analysis, guaranteeing quality, purity, as well as certified CBD and THC levels.

Legality and Transparency in Switzerland

Buying your CBD flowers wholesale in Switzerland from PollenShark is not only commercially advantageous, but also legal.

Switzerland has strict CBD regulations, ensuring full transparency and compliance with the highest standards.

Why buy your CBD wholesale in Switzerland ?

Advantageous Wholesale Price

Take advantage of advantageous rates for orders of 100g and more, making our offer even more attractive for professionals looking to buy CBD flowers in bulk.

Having total control over the production of our hashes and their prices, our CBD resins will allow you to benefit from particularly attractive prices, and therefore more advantageous margins for your business.

Choose Swiss quality with PollenShark for your wholesale CBD flower purchases.

With our commitment to legality, transparency, and exceptional quality, we are the ideal partner for CBD resellers and brands looking to stand out in the growing CBD market in Switzerland.

Learn more about our wholesale CBD flower offering?

Our Sales Team is an Expert in its field and is here to listen to you: receive complete information about our products in addition to personalized support by contacting us at +41 79 294 61 91 or at