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Welcome to, your wholesaler of bulk CBD flowers.

We specialize in the cultivation of Swiss CBD flowers, carefully grown in a greenhouse to guarantee optimal quality.

Our greenhouse CBD flowers are grown in optimal conditions, combining natural light and protection from the elements.

Each batch is carefully packaged to guarantee optimal preservation of the freshness and aromas of the flowers.

Our commitment to excellence and our passion for CBD allows us to provide high quality CBD flowers at competitive prices.

What are Greenhouse CBD Flowers for wholesale?

CBD greenhouse flowers are grown in controlled environments that combine the benefits of indoor and outdoor growing.

The greenhouse protects the plants from bad weather while providing them with maximum natural light.

This cultivation method guarantees better control of growing conditions, which results in high quality CBD flowers, rich in terpenes and cannabinoids, with stable and regular production.

They benefit from controlled light cycles and adequate ventilation, ensuring healthy and vigorous growth.

This growing method produces flowers with a high CBD concentration and complex terpene profiles, providing a product rich in flavor and benefits.

Natural and sustainable Swiss CBD flowers


At, we are committed to using sustainable and environmentally friendly growing methods.

Our greenhouse CBD flowers are grown without pesticides or herbicides, guaranteeing a pure and natural product.

Our eco-responsible approach allows us to produce high quality flowers while minimizing our ecological impact.

In our CBD flowers range, we also have Cryo CBD flowers and Outdoor CBD flowers varieties, presenting a refined aesthetic thanks to precise and expert cutting work.

Additionally, as specialists in hash making, we also have potent CBD hash bricks and CBD pollen in bulk to meet all of your customers' demands.

Why trust us as your CBD flowers wholesaler ?

By choosing as your CBD flower wholesaler, you are choosing an experienced and passionate supplier.

Our expertise in growing CBD flowers in greenhouses allows us to offer you products that meet the strictest quality standards.

We are committed to providing impeccable customer service, with fast deliveries and personalized advice to help you select the best varieties for your market.

Our CBD flowers are laboratory tested to ensure their cannabinoid content and the absence of contaminants, ensuring a safe and effective product for your customers.

Each product is rigorously tested to ensure it contains less than 1% THC.



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Our commitment to quality, our passion for CBD and our position as a Swiss CBD flower supplier make PollenShark the ideal choice for your wholesale purchases.

Trust our expertise to provide your customers with premium greenhouse CBD flowers, grown with care and respect for the environment.

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