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Welcome to, your reference wholesaler of Swiss CBD flowers in bulk !

Specializing in the cultivation and wholesale of Swiss CBD flowers, we are committed to providing high quality CBD at attractive prices.

Our expertise and passion for CBD allow us to offer you CBD flowers grown outdoors with care and respect for the environment.



The best Swiss CBD flowers now available for wholesale 

Our outdoor CBD flowers are grown in optimal conditions, taking advantage of the natural sunshine and pure air of the Swiss mountains.

These conditions favor the development of rich and varied terpenes and cannabinoids, guaranteeing potent and tasteful flowers for your customer.

The plants benefit from a complete life cycle outdoors, which gives them a unique robustness and aromatic richness.


Natural CBD flowers and environmentally friendly production

At, we favor sustainable and ecological cultivation methods.

Our commitment to organic farming ensures that each flower is harvested when ripe, dried and manicured with the greatest care to preserve all its benefits.

Obviously, our CBD flowers are grown without pesticides or herbicides, ensuring a pure and natural product.


Wholesale CBD flowers in bulk

We offer our CBD flowers in bulk, packaged in large capacity bags to meet the needs of CBD resellers and brands

Bulk packaging allows you to reduce costs and benefit from competitive prices.

Each batch is carefully packaged to guarantee optimal preservation of freshness and aromas.


CBD Flowers Wholesaler : Why trust us?

By choosing as your CBD flower wholesaler, you are choosing an experienced supplier who is passionate about CBD.

Our expertise in growing CBD flowers allows us to offer you exceptional products, meeting the strictest quality standards.

We are committed to providing impeccable customer service, with fast delivery in 24 h in Switzerland and personalized advice to help you pick the best varieties for your market.

Our CBD flowers are laboratory tested to ensure their cannabinoid content and the absence of contaminants, ensuring a safe and effective product for your customers.

Choose for your CBD flowers wholesale needs

Our commitment to quality, our passion for CBD and our position as a Swiss CBD wholesaler make the ideal choice for your wholesale purchases. 

We also premium CBD Pollen in Bulk and CBD hash bricks for wholesale !

Trust our expertise to provide your customers with premium CBD flowers, grown with care and respect for the environment.

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