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Here at Pollen Shark, we see hash making as an art form, working everyday to perfect the process and our creations with 100% Swiss products.

We aspire to deliver a personal and professional service to each and everyone of our valuable customers and are proud to have the best CBD Hash on the market.


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  • I have a store

    Whether you have a store in Switzerland or not, we can supply you with the best CBD Hash on the market. Your clients will come back only for our products.

    You can apply your label or use ours.

  • I do not have a store

    If you do not own a shop, no worries! We can provide you with our delicious Hash Bricks as long as you order 100 grams of it. You will get the cheapest price on the market for the best quality.

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CBD Hash Services - Pollen Shark   All services are offered... 

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Immerse yourself in the excellence of the Swiss CBD pollen with Pollen... 


Is Suisse CBD hash legal in Europe?

Yes, Swiss CBD hash is legal in Europe.

Each product is rigorously tested to ensure it contains less than 1% THC.


Indeed, EU regulations authorize the sale and consumption of CBD-based products, provided that the THC level is less than 0.3%.

The Swiss CBD products offered by PollenShark respect this legal limit and are therefore perfectly compliant with European law to be sold in a CBD Shop.

In addition, Switzerland is renowned for its very strict production standards, guaranteeing product quality and safety.

Thus, as a wholesaler of Swiss CBD resin, PollenShark offers you legal and high-quality CBD hashes, ideal for resale in your country.

Purchase CBD wholesale in Switzerland, is it a good idea?

Yes, buying CBD in bulk is a great idea for several reasons:

1 - Cheap CBD resin: By buying in bulk, especially by the kilo, you benefit from preferential prices and a good profit margin. This allows you to be competitive in the market.

2 - Variety of products and packaging: Wholesalers like PollenShark offer a wide range of CBD and packaging products (hash wafers, bulk CBD pollen, wholesale hash ready for retail, etc.) allowing you to respond to the different needs of your customers.

3 - Guaranteed quality: Swiss CBD products are renowned for their quality, thanks to the very strict production standards in Switzerland. You can therefore offer safe and legal products to your customers.

By choosing a reliable CBD resin producer, you will have the confidence that your products are manufactured to high standards and with the best possible care. Visit our store to explore our different ranges.

What are the advantages of purchasing from a Swiss CBD wholesaler?

Swiss CBD producers are appreciated as professionals for their reliability and expertise.

Switzerland has been innovating in CBD for longer than France and has developed local know-how, especially in terms of indoor cultivation. Switzerland is known for its high standards when it comes to cannabis cultivation.

CBD product wholesale in Switzerland can be a great way to get high-quality products at competitive prices.

Choosing a Swiss CBD wholesaler allows you to benefit from the innovation and advancement of our industry in Europe!

Why choose PollenShark as your CBD wholesaler?

At PollenShark, we are at the forefront of the CBD market, bringing you the very latest innovations with a constant focus on compliance and safety.

We consider CBD hash making to be a true art, merging Swiss expertise and artisanal know-how. Each hash wafer represents the result of a careful process where CBD cultivation meets extraction precision.

At PollenShark, we closely follow market trends to bring you the latest innovations in CBD.

Our passionate team makes a point of pushing the limits to offer you ever more pure and effective creations.

Our products, which comply with current regulations, allow you to stay at the forefront while ensuring the safety of your customers.

By choosing PollenShark, you are betting on Swiss excellence. We put our unique know-how at the service of your success, supporting you with professionalism and personalization.

Join now our community of resellers won over by our unfailing commitment to quality.

Together, let's promote Swiss quality and the art of CBD hash throughout the world.

How is our wholesale CBD hash made?

At PollenShark, we pay particular attention to the manufacturing of our wholesale CBD resins, to guarantee you exceptional products.

Made in our Swiss workshop, our hashes are the result of unique know-how and custom-designed extraction machines.

Our products are entirely derived from the cannabis plant and contain no cutting agents or materials other than cannabis

We control each step of the process, from harvesting trichomes to final extraction, to offer you impeccable quality. Our R&D team works tirelessly to push the limits and develop ever more efficient products, while scrupulously respecting legal standards in terms of THC levels.

Each batch of PollenShark resin is subject to extensive quality controls. We pride ourselves on transparency, allowing you to verify the conformity and purity of our products.

By choosing PollenShark, you are choosing Swiss expertise and unparalleled production quality.

How are CBD pollens produced? Are they natural?

Extracted from Swiss quality CBD flowers then compacted, our CBD pollens are 100% raw and natural.

Our Swiss artisans, with their experience and know-how, shape each batch with precision.

Our dedication to providing the best CBD pollen translates into a personalized and professional service dedicated to each customer while guaranteeing the best quality/price ratio on the market.

CBD resin wholesaler: how are orders paid and shipped?

Payment is 100% secure and your privacy is of the utmost importance to us.

All your purchases will be kept confidential and can be made via a variety of payment options, including cash, credit/debit card or bank transfer.

For shipments:

  • All orders are processed within 24 to 48 hours.
  • You have the option of in-house pickup or priority domestic shipping, for efficient and fast delivery.
  • For international shipping, please discuss with your sales representative to find the best option for your needs.

Back :

  • Unfortunately, we do not accept returns after delivery or pickup, as it is crucial that our products remain in their original condition.
  • To ensure you are happy with your purchase, we recommend visiting our showroom before ordering to view the product for yourself. We want to avoid any discrepancies resulting from improper storage or unauthorized modifications.

Our sales team is an expert in its field and listens to you: receive complete information about our products in addition to personalized support by contacting us at +41 79 294 61 91 or at info@pollenshark.ch.

Is it possible to pay for my wholesale CBD purchase in Euros?

Yes, it is entirely possible to pay in euros at PollenShark for your wholesale CBD hash and resin purchases. Simply choose the option during checkout.

We accept payments in euros by bank transfer or credit card, to offer you maximum flexibility and security.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about our payment methods. Our expert team is available to assist you in your wholesale purchase of quality CBD products.

Are analyzes carried out?

Rest assured, an analysis of each batch is carried out by an independent laboratory accredited to European standards before being placed on the market.

As a CBD producer and wholesaler, the quality of our products is a priority.

Each wholesale purchase is accompanied by an independent laboratory certificate of analysis, attesting to the purity and conformity of the product.

Our products are entirely derived from the cannabis plant and contain no cutting agents or materials other than cannabis.

Each product is rigorously tested to ensure it contains less than 1% THC.


Our Certificates of Analysis, which verify the purity and potency of our products, can be found on our COA page.

What is the minimum purchase quantity to buy CBD wholesale?

At PollenShark, minimum bulk purchase quantities are

  • 100g for Hash CBD bricks
  • 250g for bulk CBD Pollen
  • and 10 packets of 2g each for Hash and Pollen ready for retail,

all in rigorously tested and compliant products, allowing you to generate good margins while offering safe items to your customers, our expert team being at your disposal to advise you on the solution adapted to your needs.